Environmentally Friendly is Business Friendly

Sustainable packaging doesn’t have to cost more. PackageWorks reduces your brand’s environmental impact without hurting your bottom line.

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Alternative Materials

A simple switch in what your raw materials and inputs goes a long way

Shift from plastic bubble mailers—which aren’t curbside recyclable—to paper-padded ones—which are.

Swap virgin paper and plastics with Post Consumer Recycled, #4 recyclable, or compostable materials.

Change from conventional inks to non Volatile Organic Compound-emitting UV ones

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What you make matters to the planet, and how you make it does too. With 1000+ factories worldwide, PackageWorks can adjust production to allow you to ship more sustainably.


Localizing production within 300 miles of fulfillment can drastically lower carbon emissions.


PackageWorks can move production to facilities run on sustainable energy or more sustainable substrates.


Processes like gluing or lithography can at times be eliminated, saving machine times and emissions.


PackageWorks optimizes web and blank layouts, reducing overall waste and minimizing emissions.

Design and Engineering

Doing more can mean using less. PackageWorks designers reduce packaging profiles and engineer lower emissions.

Integrate custom inserts to eliminate plastic wrap and void fill.

Reduce returns from product damage by increasing structural integrity.

Add more dedicated, better fitting items to your packaging suite to ship less air

Sustainability in the Field

Some of your favorite brands have started shipping more sustainably with PackageWorks.

Word Around Here

PackageWorks helped us switch to 100% paper based mailer, instead of a plastic one. Each month we save the equivalent of 10k+ plastic water bottles of waste. They’ve also helped move all our older virgin corrugated to recycled content. PackageWorks is definitely helping us do our part for us and our furry ones.

- Ramon Van Meer, CEO at AlphaPaw -

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