Quality Management

Quality services that ensure your product, and packaging shows up on doorsteps in optimal shape.

Improve your quality

Tailored Quality Standards

Quality is not coincidental. PackageWorks sets up specific, tailored Standards for your jobs so that Packaging and Product Quality is proactive, not reactive.

Print Standards

Registration, Delta E Color, Plate Pressure

Conversion Standards

Cut, score, and perforation registration, Glue joints

Overall Standards

Material strength, overall size and structure

Quality through Adjustments

Make big leaps in Product and Packaging Quality with drastic, or even subtle changes.

Reduce damage by creating ISTA and ASTM certified drop tested designs.

Upgrade your materials and move from a 32 ECT substrate to 200#.

Use superior print methods for retail or high detailed designs.

Shift production to factories that can produce your type of job at a higher level of quality.

On Site Quality Support

Have on site Quality Auditors on site, giving you peace of mind.

PackageWorks quality inspectors are available coast to coast, as well as in China and Mexico. Inspectors come at no cost to PackageWorks clients if runs meet minimum thresholds. All inspectors have print backgrounds and have worked at packaging plants in the past.

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