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Prototyping to Production, at Light Speed.

Cut away ship weight, create inserts, and streamline design. Creating an optimal unboxing experience starts here, where iterations happen in minutes, not days.


We know USPS tables like the back of our hand, and hobbies & interests include singing Dimensional Weight formulas in the shower. We know where to reduce cardboard where structural integrity is not jeopardized. Your packaging, with less cardboard, and less cost. Plus, lighter shipments means Mother Nature is smiling. Nice one.


Well other people run marathons. But not everyone is Usain Bolt. With design offices from coast to coast, and as many designers as account managers, you’ll be getting samples faster than your nightly Postmated salad with no salad please. And revisions? We’ll do it again and again until it’s just right without pulling our hair out. Got a lot of it anyways.


Vertical insert orientation. Horizontal. Attached. Light weight. Standard. Attached. Separate for modularity. We’re all indecisive. And so is your team, we get the drill. Instead of showing up at the meeting with your one measly box to rule them all, be that guy. OR GIRL! We’ll equip you with 8 options at the meeting. Instead of hmmm, let’s try rotating the box and doing xyz, it’ll be a simple matter of selection.


Your team is launching new products. A lot of new products. And those customers? We all know they never order the way we expect them to. C’mon Becky, who orders 4 body washes? You were supposed to order a toothpaste and body wash! Your packaging should work around your customers, not the other way around. We take some order data, and build a custom packaging solution that fits your different segmented customer baskets.

World Class Manufacturing at Unbeatable Rates

3 factory direct pricing options

Options. We got them, and so will you. Our vetted network includes more than 1000 factories globally. We pick the 5 which are the best fit for your project, and you receive the best 3 quotes, right in your dashboard.


Established quality standards on every single packaging SKU results in a 99.9% PackageWorks defect-free rate. When defects exist, you’ll have a standardized process to get credited fast and efficiently so you can get back to what matters.

Boots on the ground

Have peace of mind knowing PackageWorks quality managers are on site for production
whether in your backyard domestically, or in China. You receive photos and/or samples from every single production run so you can be the first to see production quality, not when customers notify your CS team, who notify you. Because we all know, Slack is for Rick Flair GIPHYs and custom emojis of THAT GUY at the office, not photos of bad packaging in #general.


It’s not always about price, but usually it’s about price. With PackageWorks, your volumes are multiplied, as your jobs are gang ran with other similar PackageWorks jobs. This means discounts you don’t have on your own and having more “pull” at a factory. Over time, as we grow, your production runs will continue to get cheaper, not the other way around.

Your PackageWorks dashboard brings your offline, online.

Client Portal Features

With you, all the way to
the Finish Line.

Packaging is like onions. Packaging has layers. And all those layers, all those steps, used to seem to go on forever. But now you have a dashboard to guide you along the way. Whether we’re at the beginning of the race just giving you some structure options, or at the end showing you final photos from production, everything’s here, all the time. Side note: Packaging is like onions and CAN make you cry, but those will be tears of happiness now, instead of sorrow.

A Birds-Eye View, for us without Wings.

Remember that one order with the thing? That delivered on that one date? No? Lucky for you, now you don’t have to. Easily see the status of all your different SKUs currently being produced across all plants, or look back, say 6 months ago. It’s about time somebody graduated from the spreadsheets, so you can, you know, find that thing!

Re-Orders at the Speed
of Light.

If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably spent far
too much time drafting PO’s, double checking pricing, saving as a PDF, editing the title, re-uploading, just to literally repeat the last order 8 weeks ago. Much, much pain. Instead, duplicate your last order, click submit, and have a PO generated on your behalf. Yes, it’s that simple.

A Source of Truth, Finally.

We’ve all scoured through Gmail threads 60 messages deep for THAT final proof, yes that one. Except that one lady named Lori with Outlook on her Windows ‘95 PC, for some reason strings along every reply in each of her replies, just to test our scrolling patience. Stop scrolling, stop guessing if Dropbox is up to date, and just sign in to your Dashboard. Click any tab to see your invoices, delivery receipts, quotes, or proofs, where you know they’ll be. Isn’t that nice.

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