Manufacturing + Quality

Establish and maintain strict quality standards during production.

PackageWorks sets benchmarks for all of Wellnesse's production facilities, in both the US and in Asia, that have to be met before a product is shipped. The established processes utilize a spectrometer, calipers, and loupe to ensure that all defects are eliminated during prepress and kept from entering the production batch. PackageWorks Quality Inspectors are on site for every first production run.

Design + Prepress

Iteration and Meticulous Prepress Leading to Successful Production

PackageWorks' Packaging Engineering Specialists iterated on multiple designs in order to create packaging for their heavier haircare items.

Careful color matching was executing while printing on both kraft and white substrates.

Word Around Here

PackageWorks has assisted Wellnesse in developing our packaging from the ground up across multiple SKUs, substrates, and managing production both domestically and internationally. Our packaging is cost efficient, sustainable, which is part of our brand ethos for our mothers and all loved ones.

- Katie Wells, CEO at Wellnesse -

Sustainability + Cost Reduction

Showing that Sustainability and Cost Reduction can work in harmony.

Using a post consumer recycled corrugated instead of virgin, Wellnesse now only achieved savings on emissions, but also cost.

Instead of separate production runs, inserts and boxes were nested together. This saved an entire production run and the emissions that followed, and utilized cardboard that would have went to waste.

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