Packaging Engineering

PackageWorks help modern e-commerce brands get to market faster, reduce cost, improve sustainability, and elevate their unboxing.

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Structure Sample

Dieline Sample

Product Development

Get New Products to Market. Faster.

Extended US-wide coverage.
With design centers across the country, we get samples done fast. And if necessary, we revise and iterate in days until it’s right.

Options on options
We provide options. Vertical. Horizontal. Light weight. Standard. Attached. Separate. Know that all bases are covered.

Data-backed Modular solutions
When you launch new products, customers don’t always order as expected. We take order data and build custom packaging solutions to fit past order trends.

Ship and Drop Testing

We'll make sure our designs look good in your hands, but most importantly, in your customers'.

Standardized 10 and 18 point ISTA + ASTM Drop tests at specific heights to simulate transit wear and tear.

Samples cut out in exact production material, shipped from your fulfillment center to multiple PackageWorks locations across the country as confirmation.

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The PackageWorks Difference

Benefits of PackageWorks' On-Demand Design Support

The Power of 3

3 options presented each time, every time.

Cost Effective

Packages start at $2500, 50% creditable upon production. 20% additionally potentially credited via R&D Tax Credit

Impact Tested

Designs go through ISTA and ASTM drop tests, as well as ship tests.

Unlimited Revisions

Details matter. We’ll iterate until the whole team signs off.

Production Ready

Designs are planned with production in mind.

Fast Turnarounds

Designs ready within 24-72 hours from request.

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