Prepress and Quality
Managing printing processes and quality of artwork.

PackageWorks’ prepress and quality teams carefully balance Hunt A Killer’s different artwork between Flexographic and Lithographic printing processes, and ensures print registrations are held in spec between 3 different production plants.

Word Around the Box
Leveraging PackageWorks’ manufacturing network has enabled us to build a much more resilient supply chain. We’re no longer at risk of just one plant, which is huge. Across multiple SKUs, multiple plants, different print methods, PackageWorks has us covered.
- Ryan Hogan, CEO at Hunt a Killer -
Manufacturing and Sustainability
Adjusting processes to increase sustainability and reduce costs.

PackageWorks dropped Hunt A Killer’s landed box cost by over 20% by switching their Litho design to Flexo. Machine time and production emissions were reduced by more than 60% even though the artwork remained exactly the same. To keep up with Hunt A Killer’s continued growth, PackageWorks has brought on additional manufacturing facilities to support growth and load balance.

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